Yesterday I opened my own bookshop!

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Well… almost.

I’ve joined up with My Independent Bookshop @MyIndieBookshop to spread the word about breathtakingly brilliant books for children and young people. There are so many great books out there that I’d really like to be able to sing about and the little corner of My Independent Bookshop that I now inhabit helps me to do just that.


My Independent Bookshop is a new reader recommendation website for booklovers everywhere. You can play at being a bookseller, by setting up and curating your own bookshop, reviewing books and recommending reading suggestions to others. Or you can simply browse, building up a street of all your favourite mini bookshops to wander in and out of.

My first book recommendations and reviews cover everything from boardbooks, to YA novels, with picture books, books for emergent readers, and children’s non-fiction all mixed in. It’s my intention to update my recommendations every month. You’ll never find anything there that I’ve already reviewed here on the blog so you can be sure to discover new suggestions. You can go straight to my shop by clicking

Click on any book cover in my shop to be taken to my review of that book, and should any of my reviews inspire you, you can buy the books with a simple click of your mouse. The books in my bookshop are available to purchase through Hive, and I’ve chosen the independent, bricks and mortar children’s bookshop, Tales on Moon Lane to benefit for any sales (I won’t receive any money): Tales on Moon Lane will receive a minimum of 5% commission on book orders and 8% on e-books orders. So buying books can not only be fun for you, but it can support a real bookshop that does an enormous amount to support authors and illustrators who create fabulous books for children and young people.

Choosing stock for my opening day was the most delicious sort of difficult challenge. Which twelve books for children and young people would you put on your shelves if you were to open a mini bookshop of your own? (As indeed you can – you’ll need to sign up here).

As Terry Pratchett says, “My Independent Bookshop gives readers the ability to discover surprising new worlds in an interesting way. Go on, have a virtual rummage around you’ll never know what you might find.”

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  1. Zoe

    Hi Stacey – it’s open for anyone to browse, but if you wanted to buy the books, that’s only possible to those in the EU (at least with a click of a button from my review). Of course there’s nothing stopping anyone from browsing and getting ideas. As to setting up a shop, I think it is only UK at the moment – but I’ll double check and get back to you.
    Zoe recently posted..Yesterday I opened my own bookshop!

  2. Catherine

    I love this idea and I love that you can also link to other bookshops and create your dream street. Look forward to seeing which books you recommend each month 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..Penguin by Polly Dunbar

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