Transform a bread bin into brilliant book storage!

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Perhaps it was the toast rack that done it.


Mooching round the local junk shop recently I spied a bread bin and suddenly I could see pop-up reading nooks everywhere…

With a lick or two of some thinned-down PVA glue…


…and some cut up comics and book covers from magazines…


…M soon had her own book box she could fill and take out and about with her to wherever she wanted to do some pop-up reading.




I can imagine making these for the tree house, the bathroom, the allotment… Where else might you create a pop-up reading nook out of a bread bin?

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  1. rosalyn phillips

    Have you looked at the People are turning things like the breadbox, mounted on a mailbox pole, into boxes labled “take a book now, leave one later”, and putting them by the sidewalk. I’m so tempted to recycle reviewer books that way. It would have to be waterproofed….

  2. sara stanley

    So glad I saw this. We are working on pop up resources for story play this week with Nal’ibali. We shall be using this as inspiration .thanks from SA Zoe

  3. Rachel

    Just showed this to Miss 8. Looks fantastic. She is very keen to make one. I too have a toast rack in the cupboard so love your idea to put books in it. The only problem is we have had to ban Miss 8 from reading at breakfast time (on school days) as she takes one bite of toast every five pages and we are always running late for school!

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