Mugs featuring the work of illustrators (and what they like to drink and snack on)

I recently noticed that I’ve inadvertently become a collector of mugs featuring the work of illustrators. It all started when Library Mice won some Stick Man mugs at a conference she and I were attending, and very generously she donated one to me.


Then one Christmas Grace Sandford and Colin West kindly sent me a mug like this one:


A few weeks ago I attended a publisher’s event, and came home the happy owner of a mug celebrating A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting by Michelle Robinson and David Roberts:


And when I was most recently up in London I couldn’t resist a trip to the National Gallery, where I treated myself to a mug featuring James Mayhew‘s Katie:


Realising my collection was growing, I wondered what other mugs are out there featuring the artwork of illustrators?

I found this perky design by Jon Burgerman:


And this charming Swallows and Amazon enamel mug by Jago:


Then I stumbled across Amy of Tiger Tea who sells all sorts of mugs featuring her illustrations, including this one which caught my eye:


(Though I do wonder whether Tiger Tea ought to consider a line in beer drinking glasses given the events which take place in that much loved children’s book by Judith Kerr….)

Looking at all these lovely mugs, I wondered what each author/illustrator behind the mug would choose to drink from their mug, and snack on along side. And so I asked them!

If you’re up for a game, why not see if you can match the mug with the response – and leave your answers in the comments. I’ll return next week (May 12) to let you know which answer goes with which mug!


Alas, the Stick Man and Bear Spotting mugs aren’t available for sale, but all the others are – and here’s where you can buy them:

James Mayhew (@mayhewjames) mugs:
Grace Sandford (@GraceSandford) / Colin West (@mooseandmouse) mugs:
Jon Burgerman (@jonburgerman) mugs:
Amy from Tiger Tea (@tiger_tea) mugs:
Jago (@jago) mugs:

Have you got any book-inspired mugs featuring illustration? Not just ones with bookish quotes, but with book illustrations? Do share – maybe you’ll inspire me to expand my collection!

Off now for a large hot milky coffee and an almond danish pastry… But which mug should I choose?!?

James Mayhew
I’m afraid I am very puritanical and I don’t drink tea or coffee as a rule (although I enjoyed Turkish tea in Ankara; very different!). Hot chocolate is a sometimes treat. My usual tipple in a mug is HOT WATER with a squeeze of lemon. If I am feeling extravagant, I’ll add raw ginger. If poorly, I add honey.
I snack on fruits and nuts. I sound like a monkey; perhaps I am! Once in a while I’ll have VERY DARK chocolate. Or Turkish Delight!

Grace Sandford
My drink of choice in the Moose and Mouse mug is a cup of Earl Grey tea (milk no sugar!) and if I could choose any snack it would probably be flapjack.

Jon Burgerman
A strong cup of tea or gin.
Snack – Hob Nobs with the tea, Salted Kettle Chips with the gin. Or just more gin.

Amy from Tiger Tea
Hot chocolate, and a double-chocolate cookie πŸ™‚ A proper chocolate overdose!

Earl Grey Tea and a Jaffa Cake

Michelle Robinson
A Hot, non-stewed cup of tea (bog standard English breakfast, milk no sugar) and a shortbread spotty Scotty dog biscuit from Sainsbury’s (but I can never stop at one).

David Roberts
I think I would very much enjoy some hot mead ! Mead is made from honey and as we all know bears love honey ! Well Winnie the Pooh did any way, and that’s good enough for me !
And a large slice of Victoria sponge cake to go with that , I am sure bears like cake too ?
oh yes that would do nicely.

Did you manage to match the drink and snack to the correct illustrator?!

10 Responses

    • Zoe

      what what WHAT?! A whole Polly Dunbar teaset??? I need to see a picture…

  1. Polly

    Okay I’ll play. I’m reckoning the bearish mead and cake belongs to bearish illustrator David Roberts, while his partner-in-bear-crime Michelle Robinson is a tea and gin lady (I approve). I fancy James Mayhew for the hot water and lemon with nuts on the side. As for the rest, I’ll take a punt on Grace Sandford being the double chocaholic, Amy being an earl grey and jaffa cake woman, Jago Silver having a fondness for Scotty shortbread leaving the other Earl Grey and flapjack for Jon Burgerman….
    Really this should work like that strange game Mastermind where you now leave me a row of black and white pegs to show how close I’ve got.

  2. Desna

    Jealous. We don’t get any of these in New Zealand. Enjoy them and thanks for a great post.

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