A Loud Winter’s Nap

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For the past couple of weeks, Katy Hudson‘s Too Many Carrots has topped the US Picture Books bestsellers’ list…

Publisher’s Weekly, 11 April 2017

…and so it’s an honour to be in a position to reveal the cover of her new picture book, which will be published in the UK and the US in September this year:

In A Loud Winter’s Nap, Tortoise is determined, whatever winter throws at him, to get a good sleep; Winter isn’t for everyone, or so he thinks.

If the thrill of snowball fights, the delight of robin song and the wonder of ice sculpting won’t change Tortoise’s mind, just what wintry delight (if any) will keep him out playing with his friends?

Whilst winter seems a long way away right now here in the UK, I’m still able to delight in this playful book, and wish it all the success that Too Many Carrots is currently enjoying.

You can find out more about Katy Hudson on her website, on Instagram or Twitter.

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