Spells by James Reeve

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You can read the poem in our Poetree Calendar today here. It can be found in many anthologies, but I found it in this one:
It’s one of several poems in our calendar that picks up on the idea of spells and I chose it because both my girls love a good riddle (just one reason why Kevin Crossley-Holland books are quite popular here). And in an nice connection, if you ever get the chance to hear Kevin read Anglo-Saxon poetry, grab it with both hands. A few year’s back at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups Annual Conference Kevin gave a talk which ended with him reading us Anglo-Saxon poetry and to my complete surprise, it had me in tears of wonder and delight. Next year’s FCBG conference (which is open to all, and is ideal for any grown-up with an interest in children’s books; you don’t need to be a teacher or a librarian) is already open for booking, and one of the speakers (over cocktails, no less), in novel-in-verse wonder Sarah Crossan.

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