Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson was born on this day in 1830, and so today my kids will find one of her poems in our Poetree Calendar. To be precise, they’ll discover ‘The spider holds a silver ball’:

Reproduced with permission

It comes from another specially edited-with-children-and-young-people-in-mind collection of poems-that-might-more-generally-be-thought-of-as-for-older-people: Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson, illustrated by: Christine Davenier, and edited by poet and Emily Dickinson specialist Susan Snively.

This volume is part of the same series as the Walt Whitman collection I featured a few days ago, and I’m delighted to learn that a new title in this series is due out early next April; Poetry for Kids: William Shakespeare will including a range of verses, sonnets, and speeches comes out just in time to celebrate the Bard’s birthday anniversary.

The combination of really thoughtful editing with tip-tip illustrations make these collections stand out from the crowd.

Excerpt from Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson. Reproduced with permission.

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