fantastic_fiction_buttonWhat is Fantastic Fiction for Kids?
“Fantastic Fiction for Kids” happens here on Playing by the book every Wednesday – readers of Playing by the book and guest posters from other blogs I love suggest a short selection of children’s fiction books on a particular topic and I include music and activity suggestions to accompany the books. Click here to see past posts in the Fantastic Fiction for Kids series.

Why have you set up Fantastic Fiction for Kids?
I set up this project for 2 main reasons (1) I want to hear from you about books you love and (2) I’m always on the look-out for ways of finding new books on particular topics. Fiction books are usually organised by age not topic and thus a subject search can be difficult. There are resources out there to help (see this guide I wrote about finding fiction books on a particular topic), but I also thought that we as a community could create a great resource – all of us (not to mention our children, or the children we look after) have our own skills and interests and one result of this is that we each have some specialist knowledge about books on a particular subject, whether that be gardening, astronomy or ballet. Fantastic Fiction for Kids is one way to share and spread that knowledge.

I’d like to participate! How do I get involved?
You choose a minimum of 3 fiction books on a topic dear to you and/or your kids, let me have details of the books (ie title, author, illustrator and anything else pertinent eg pop up version) and a sentence or two about why you and your family love the books in question. The books can be picture books, board books, chapter books, poetry books, wordless books – anything really, as long as they are not non-fiction. Once you’ve sent the list to me I’ll then write up a post with your recommendations, including links to music and activities that might be inspired by the books on your list (as per my regular posts). Of course, if you have any music or activity suggestions to go with your books then I would love to include them – but if you don’t, no worries – I’ll research these things (I want to make it easy for you to contribute!). When the post with your content goes live it would be great if you linked to it from your blog; the post from Playing by the book would of course link back to your blog.

What’s crucial is that the books are *not* non-fiction, and that you/your kids love them! It would be great if you could suggest at least 3 books – but if you want to suggest more, then feel free. I would like the focus to be on books for younger primary school aged kids (ie 8 and under), but this isn’t set in stone – if there’s a book you think is fantastic and it’s aimed at older children, do still include it. Poetry and audio books would be great inclusions if you wanted to have them in your list.

Once you’ve got your list send it to me at playingbythebook (at) kuvik (dot) net, or leave a comment somewhere on my blog and I’ll pick it up.

The topic I had in mind has be covered already, can I still join in?
Absolutely! As long as your list contains books not previously mentioned on Playing by the book your topic can be one that has been chosen earlier by another reader/participant in Fantastic Fiction for Kids.

Do I have to have a blog to get involved?
Not at all! I want everyone to feel they can contribute whether or not they write their own blog.

I’ve got a book list, when will you post it?
There will be a delay between letting me have your list and me publishing it. I already have an initial programme for Fantastic Fiction for Kids, and so it may be several weeks before your list is published. However, I will let you know pretty much as soon as you get in touch with me as to when your list will be published.

I should also say that I reserve the right to say “Thanks, but no thanks” to any list submitted if I feel that Playing by the book isn’t the best place for the list. Hopefully this won’t ever happen.

Any questions?
Do get in touch if you have any other questions. I love hearing from you and I really want to make Playing by the book a resource for us all.

playingbythebook (at) kuvik (dot) net

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