This is My Rock by David Lucas. Simple fable or incisive political commentary?

Treating obesity. It should be used with a reduced calorie diet. Sibutramine is a diet aid. It appears to work by regulating chemicals in the brain that reduce hunger or craving for food.

Can you buy sibutramine online ? Well, that's the question. It's an older product from the now defunct company, Biaxin, and it's basically an antidepressant. been around since the 90s, although that may be an understatement. If you're reading this post, chances are good it's some kind of sibutramine that you've bought in the past, either on internet or from some pharmacy. This is a product you should stay as far away from possible. There are no side-effects, the dosage is relatively easy to get and the price be paid for a product sold online just $18 would be astronomical if it were an actual brand-name product. And there's no real reason. Why would you need to get this? Well, because you haven't heard of sibutramine, have you ? I'm not talking about the Sibutramine brand though. I'm talking about the name itself. As far I'm aware, in the 70s, sibutramine was first marketed as a canada drug store pharmacy new mood-altering substance with claims regarding its anti-fatigue and anti-sleeping qualities. However, the buy sibutramine hydrochloride online product had two big flaws – firstly, it failed to demonstrate any effects on the body. Secondly, side-effects were just too much of a hassle to handle. If the Sibutramine brand itself weren't enough, you then couldn't get it, ever again, because it was shut down in 1989. This was really a shame as sibutramine was such a promising new thing in the mental health arena. So much that in 1983, the Psychiatric Council of Ireland, same body that regulates drugs in Ireland, launched a study to investigate which new stimulant medicines had a good track-record for helping to treat mental illness. Although there were numerous possibilities, three in particular were chosen – Sibutramine, a drug called Biaxin, and Cipramil – which have been on the market in Ireland since 1984 – fact, 1958. Sibutramine was chosen because studies showed it was effective at treating depression. And if studies are to be believed, then that's what it could do. It's important to remember however, that a new Sibutramine 15mg 180 pills US$ 620.00 US$ 3.44 drug is only as good the dose that's being used – there's a limit. And in the case of sibutramine, dosing wasn't the greatest issue. Most people who take sibutramine don't have severe depression at all, but rather have mild to moderate depression such as mild boredom or minor anxiety. It's not something that would affect a person's everyday life too much. And this was before the day of SSRIs, by way. But that didn't stop it being a big seller. Sibutramine seemed to have a lot of potential – some people went on to develop its use a regular basis for everything from helping them with anxiety to treating insomnia, but the problem was that it required people to be really careful with the dosage – you had to make sure that it was no more than five grams (around 15 tablets) per day. So, this wasn't something that a recreational user could go around taking on a day-to-day basis. proper recreational user would need to take at least 20-40 grams (20-40 tablets) a day. In fact, the dosage doesn't matter. problem is being too careful with it, which is the reason why I've come across so many people on the internet who claim to have gotten by taking 10, 15, 20-30 grams (10-20 tablets)

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